is your reliable partner in consulting, project management, engineering and product delivery – both systems and components. Our competences in the above-mentioned areas are based on excellent knowledge of the industry, especially the rail vehicle sector, lifetime experience of our best employees in this field, and close cooperation with external partners.

We can assure you that as an independent service provider, we approach each client individually, offering the best solutions, and we conduct each project in accordance with the nature of the company. Complexity of services and timeliness are priorities for our team when conducting your project.

IPAQS offers innovative solutions in the field of machine construction. Our greatest motivation is the total satisfaction of our customers.

The customer is the most important guest in our home. He is independent of us. We depend on him. He does not interrupt our work, but he is the purpose and meaning of our work. He is not an outsider at our work. But part of the job. We do not do him any favors. It is him, who gives us the opportunity and does us a favor.

Mahatma Gandhi 1890

6 facts you need to know!


The pillars of our company are the 5 key concepts that define our approach to the client and projects. We keep them in mind at every stage of accomplishment.


Following the spirit of progress, we focus on innovative solutions that meet strict standards. This makes our projects the best on the market.


Our philosophy is a full commitment to run each project, resulting from the great passion we have in the field of machine engineering and project implementation.


In accordance with your wishes and the specificity of a given project, we introduce adequate construction, material and production solutions. Each implementation fits your needs and assumptions.


The highest quality of rendered services is extremely important for our team, and lifetime practice translates into the ever-growing trust of our customers and partners. A well implemented project shows our respect for you.


In response to the constantly growing expectations of our customers, our solutions meet an array of safety standards, giving you the guarantee of project implementation at the highest possible level, while maintaining all binding standards.



Based on the analysis of your project’s needs and preferences, we will develop the best solution. We will determine the requirements and specification of the materials necessary to achieve the best efficiency and quality of the project.


Project management

Comprehensive knowledge regarding consulting and management as well as supervision over individual stages of product development, starting from the concept and ending with mass production combined with advanced knowledge about the rail vehicle sector will allow us to offer you comprehensive support for each project.



A team of our best qualified engineers will make specifications for you, in accordance with your wishes, and technical designs, in which both the construction and the materials used for its production are calculated in terms of strength and any parameters you require.



Our extensive contacts and close cooperation with suppliers will allow us to support the implementation of your project in the production of structures, steel elements and many components included in the job.




„The company’s most valuable asset is its employees, because only their commitment and motivation assures achieving goals and achieving success!”

The IPAQS company is interested in highly motivated people, who have specialized knowledge and constantly improve their occupational and personal qualifications. We can build a strong team that will lead each project in accordance with the highest standards, in that. This guarantees the achievement of our company’s goal, and thereby ensures the success of our entire team and customer satisfaction.


By motivating our employees, we focus on clear values that are shaped by respect, appreciation and social skills. In addition, we offer our employees attractive employment conditions, flexible working hours, social benefits and the possibility of further development and vocational training.


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